Wednesday, December 23, 2009


on a happier note, one of the things i look back on 2009 with great fondness is that i did some of the things i always talked about but never could seem to just do. one of which was opening my online store , the other is writing this blog.

now, the online store is "on vacation" right now and will be up and running with a different look come january 1st (i hope!). the blog is know because you come and join me every day.

it brings me great joy and peace to be able to find a niche in which the expression of myself is accepted. it doesn't always work in the real world, but in the cyber world it's a hit (so to speak).

i am really looking forward to how i will grow and change in those areas as the next year rolls on. how my creativity will be challenged; and flourish further perhaps. who i will meet, where i will go, and oh the things i will learn! i am excited about all that each day opens up for me.

adieu for now,


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