Wednesday, December 16, 2009

reigning queen of random

heyo! guess who's sitting in the funky little shack cooking yummy food, chatting with a stinky little pup, and watching a charlie brown christmas? oh yeah, it's me! feels good. damn good.
it has been a long day, but a good one. i'm in rockin' spirits and happy to be putting my feet up.
i'm still greatly looking forward to the weekend, because my weekends have been so much fun lately. but each day is getting easier for me to relax (even though i'm exhausted).
i have a really rad life. i have some beautiful creatures in it. i've got my bills paid. i've got a hairstylist who doesn't butcher me, and a hankering for peanut chicken. hell yeah life is beautiful!
i hope your evenings are peaceful and thoroughly enjoyed.
any y'all want some peanut chicken, come on over! tell your mama and 'em i said hey!
adieu for now,


Jenny Leigh D. said...

mmmm sounds cozy and scrumptous! wish i was there to join!!

lulu said...

aw! me too ladybug! hey, do you know where the 5th season of gilmore girls went? i can't find it anywhere? ...and yes this is as exciting as the night has been...