Thursday, December 3, 2009

snooze button sally

for crying out loud, i am exhausted today! whew! i was a good girl and even though i went out and had some wine last night, i didn't overdo it. i did, however stay out waaaaay too late. argh. highlights of the evening?
1. dancing to late 90's dance music ("around the world" and "praise you" were two of those little classic ditties) with the bartender at a place i like to go to; who i may possibly frighten every time i see because i think he is adorable and he always says nice things to me; and that's all it takes to get unending attention from me apparantly.
2. trying to speak russian with arcadian the russian physics guy that was at the bar. how did i do? F-A-I-L, but i've been saying "tbatchnick" (yes, the soup) all morning because it makes me feel like i'm speaking russian though i'm not. i think it's yiddish...ugly american party of 1.
3. running into brittany from america's next top model. except i thought she was someone i went to high school with and she pretended to know who i was. it was rather amusing. she said i was looking fabulous, so hey...even though neither one of us knew what the hell was going on, i still got a compliment out of it. yay me!

now i am at work and doing that whole head-nodding trying not to fall asleep thing. very attractive. but, life is good. it's a gorgeous day. i'm good. i hope your day is fantastic too! more later!

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