Thursday, December 17, 2009

mixmaster sparklediva!

good morning kids, 'tis thursday. i've been a busy little elf working on my mix cd's for friends. it makes me feel so swanky putting together these little portals into my world. but what is better than to sit at the computer with a glass of wine, charlie brown on the t.v., and listen to music for four hours or so? that's what i did last night and it was intoxicating...the wine helped but it was the music afterall. the music, man!
today i am double-checking the final copy i made for one friend before i move on to finalize another. i knew i was a perfectionist but in this little experience i saw in myself, my dad working away on soundboards and mixes, perfecting websites and newsletters, double-triple-quadruple checking things. it's kind of funny when you see yourself do something your parents or grandparents do. i've also learned that i have to walk away from it before i can perfect it. it'll never happen in one limited time frame.
anyway, i am in a musical headspace today. i have the pixies with me during my morning coffee and big black mariah for breakfast. mmmmhmmmm. what a beautiful day. hope yours is some kinda something too friends!

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