Tuesday, December 1, 2009

so sweet!

okay, so i was thinking this morning about how i only get certain treats for myself at certain times of year; and not that i'm a sweet freak per se, but there are just some things i love. especially this time of year. here's the list!

1. werthers originals. oh my god, why are these things so delicious?! every time i eat one of these i think about the house we lived in on sedona loop. fire in the fireplace, and me consuming an entire bag of these little delectable butterscotch ovals of nostalgia!
2. caramel squares. they have to be that perfect smooth consistency, not grainy. i use to eat them in my grandmother's kitchen. i haven't a clue why she had them one year but i nearly ate them all.
3. andes mints. mama always put them in the toe of my stocking. i actually am not a fan of mint, but these, i love. many a week between christmas and new year's was spent nomming andes mints. the scent of these reminds me of being at the airport. i say that with great fondness. i used to travel a lot between christmas and new year and those brief hours of being alone and having an adventure...well, those memories often smell like andes mints. funny.
4. my mom's english toffee. this stuff is ridiculously amazing. it's quite the process but, we keep the broken pieces and put them on ice cream. oh yeah. some kind of fabulous.
5. no-bake cookies. chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter. waiting for them to harden was the biggest form of torture ever. because there's nothing in it that's raw, my head would oft be in the batter bowl. oh yum!
why did i do this to myself this morning? what are your favourites?


Adrienne said...

Favs this time of year:
Santa's White Christmas coffee
Punkin Ale
Punkin Pie
Spiral Ham
Homemade Waffles
Pull and Peel Twizzlers

lulu said...

dood. ham. um yeah. someone in my family used to make it by pouring coca-cola on it. nomma nomma.