Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what you know?

you may not know about moi...
1. edie brickell is the voice that's inside my head. i know it seems random but it's the truth. she's the voice-over to my "wonder years".
2. i love a good palaver. it doesn't matter whether it's conspiracy theories (which i adore!) or pop culture... a discussion is always welcome.
3. i'm a magpie. sparkles. quality jewelry...not-so-quality costume jewelry. i'm there. it's kind of embarrassing. keep all shiny things away from me or you'll never be able to get me to focus. please do not get this confused with glitter. sparkles and glitter are not the same thing. this ain't 54, people. :-)

that is all...
see you guys in the mornin'.

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