Monday, December 7, 2009

but which way?

good morning amigas y amigos. 'tis monday and i have the day off. i've had such a crazy weekend that i actually need the extra day. i'm on my second cup of coffee and second hour of lazing in bed with the pup. it's so decadent, i can hardly stand it. soon though, i will have to get the stink blowed off of me and get some things done.
i kept myself really busy this weekend. i can't quite figure out what's up with that, honestly. my mind has been a speedboat dragging a water-skiier behind it. well actually, i think i'm the water-skiier too.
the thing is, i am experiencing a myriad of emotions (what's new about that?) but there's a peace about them. i can feel the urge to slip back into old habits, but i'm fighting it steadily. i feel the push of opportunities and manifest destiny as it were, but am unsure about how to let myself be pushed. in case you didn't know, i'm rather stubborn and have a tendency to dig my heels in when i'm unsure about something.
i've talked to a lot of people about this. some say i need to get out of the town that i live in. others say that life is the same no matter where you go. i can't say i agree with the latter necessarily. i think that there is a niche for me somewhere that i haven't found yet.
people that will further enrich my life the way my chosen few in this city have. yo necessito la passion en mi vida otra vez. i don't think the grammar was correct with that, but i know what i was trying to say at least.
alright, kids. i reckon i better get up and get this day a-goin'.
loves to all!

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susanne conner said...

major decisions, feel your gut.xxxooo