Thursday, December 17, 2009

vegetanuary 2010

i've forgotten to mention this but i have been meaning to! because i'm such a resolution-oriented person and if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know i tend to make resolutions for every month not just every year. well, i've already decided on my next one. vegetanuary. that's right, much to the shagrin of the carnivores in my life, i will be a vegetarian for the month of january. it will feel good, help shed the holiday lbs, and just be a creative surge for my kitchen once agian. the only thing i can see as an obstacle is family dinner...but if i have to make side dishes for four tuesday nights, i just do.
i'm getting too old not to actually do the things i talk about and returning to my previously healthy lifestyle seems like a good idea (especially since i am rapidly drawing nearer to the close of my 20's). who's down to try it for 31 days? it's not that long, people!
adieu for now, kiddos!

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susanne conner said...

We can do veggie pizza or somethin for family nite. The pastors baby came , her name is Abigail Noel and she was a bruising over 8 pd. baby.Glad to see you happy!xxxooo