Sunday, December 27, 2009

buzzy mcnoggin & the ideas

good morning campers! 'tis sunday and i slept. oh buddy, did i sleep. five hour nap (can't decide if it is still considered a nap if it's that long) yesterday afternoon, and eight hours last night. oh how i love that i don't have to think about work for a little while. that may seem random but there is a total logical track for how i got from sleep to work. i'll save you the details. moooving on.
on today's agenda? clean the funky little shack. it looks like a band of huns ransacked the joint. after that, i am going to have christmas and dinner with my gal pal. delightful!
i have a lot of things to think about today. in fact my mind is a-buzzing this morning with ideas. none of which have to do with a plan of attack for cleaning the funky little shack (ooh, a rhyme!), but a lot having to do with lining up the metaphorical ducks.
i have made the decision not to stay in this apartment for the next year, and though i am exceptionally wary to sign another year lease anywhere else in town, am looking forward to finding a place with lower rent so that i may live a little bit more within my means.
i am also trying to figure out how i'm going to change my etsy store. if i should just start over from scratch (new name, new shop) or just change the current shop. buzz buzz buzz, so many thoughts!
amidst this carnivale in my head today, i do promise to relax at some point...maybe. i hope.
adieu for now, kids! happy sunday!


susanne conner said...

Good luck with the shack attack. Have a good day, do some writing, it helps clear thoughts when it is all written down.xxoo

lulu said...

thanks mama! the cleaning is helping a lot i think. the physical act of straightening is helping the exploded closet in my head. :-)