Thursday, December 10, 2009

waxing poetic

a poem for y'all today...based on an awkward and amusing true story from a few nights ago.

unfortunate portrait

ain't that just how it goes sometimes?

you saddle up next to me

drunk on so many things

i place my hand on your back

and offer you a ride home

would offer to hold your hand because you seem so down

but i know it wouldn't help at all

and you've got that forty foot wall around you

being an asshole to everyone

kissing me, then shoving me away

with a disgusted expression on your face

you look for a back way out of the bar

so you don't have to see me again

i've been there

i have been that person before

alone and angry

drunk on so many things

and it's just how it goes sometimes


by: lindsey anders "lulu" carpenter

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