Saturday, December 12, 2009

go back to bed, dood.

good mornin' kids, 'tis saturday. how i long for saturdays off. and health insurance. one day i hope. yes, i am aware that was random.
it is gnarly, cold, and rainy here today but i rather like it. it's cozy weather. perfect for snuggin' up with a book and a fire in the fireplace.
so last night i dragged my zombie bootie to waterworks for a friend's birthday celebration. that was nice and lowkey except for a few shrill cackles from yours truly.
what can i say? if something makes me laugh there's no stopping my mighty whooping caw. then me and ladyfriend went to see a friend of ours that works at one of my favourite alcoholic establishments where we proceeded to drink delicious beverages and chatter away for hours. it was lovely.
this morning i am tired (what else is new?) and counting down the time until i get to be home with seven (8 btw). i really wish i had more interesting things to say this morning but my synapses are in revolt.
later, kids!

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